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someone n : a human being; "there was too much for one person to do" [syn: person, individual, somebody, mortal, human, soul]

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some + one


  1. some person.
    Is someone there?

Usage notes

  • Logically related to anyone, everyone, and no one. Becomes no one via negation.
    Did anyone help with the clean-up effort?
    Yes, someone helped yesterday, but no one did today because everyone was too busy.



Some translation dictionaries have used the abbreviation s.o. or so for someone, just as in French qqn is used for quelqu'un.


some person

Related terms


  1. A partially specified but unnamed person.
    Do you need a gift for that special someone?
    The someones under discussion were eventually arrested.

Extensive Definition

An indefinite pronoun is a pronoun that refers to one or more unspecified beings, objects, or places.

List of English indefinite pronouns

Note that many of these words can function as other parts of speech too, depending on context. For example, in many disagree with his views the word "many" functions as an indefinite pronoun, while in many people disagree with his views it functions as a quantifier (a type of determiner) that qualifies the noun "people". In cases where confusion is most likely to arise, example sentences in which the word functions as an indefinite pronoun are given.



  • 1both – Both are guilty.
  • few – Few were chosen.
  • fewer – Fewer are going to church these days.
  • many – Many were chosen.
  • others – Others can worry about that.
  • several – Several were chosen.
  • they (in informal usage, in the sense of "people in general") – They say that smoking is bad for you.

Singular or plural

  • all – All is lost.
  • any – Any will do.
  • more – More is better.
  • most – Most would agree.
  • none – None of us will join.
  • some – Some would agree.
  • such – Such is life.


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